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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  January 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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the issue of residential solar. we will have their decision for you on later editions of 8 news now as well as online at las vegas in las vegas paul johnson 8newsnow./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the countdown is on. tonight.. the 1 point 5 billion dollar powerball will be drawn.. and people across the country are hoping they can turn their 2 dollar ticket.. into a huge pay day. michael stevens is live at the california state line... where people from las vegas are hoping they can nab the winning numbers. hey michael. ((michael stevens)) kirsten, it was around 4-o'clock this morning when we first showed up... and when we got here... we were not even close to the
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in fact... the first person in line got here at midnight. but she wasn't the only one. dozens of people set-up their chairs bearing the cold for hours... all of them looking for the same thing their shot at winning the powerball. the doors didn't open here at the lotto store in primm until 8-am... so the line just grew longer! at one point it wrapped around once... and almost again. 1-point 5-billion dollars is on the mind of everyone here and it's a number that's easily surpassing all other lotteries: ((raquel travis // playing the powerball: when i win it. then everybody has won it... cause i'm going to share it. the first 50 million dollars off the top -- i'm going to bless the 50 states with one million dollars. )) ((will farnsworth // playing the powerball: buy a few cars. buy a house. take care of my family and friends -- and charity. )) ((ramon coreas flores // playing the powerball: i'm planning to do something
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i always wanted to help st. jude's hospital. and if the big one happens i would probably buy the whole thing and keep it for the rest of my life -- because i like to help. )) ((michael stevens)) the jackpot estimate is reviewed daily... so it could get even higher before tonight's drawing if ticket sales continue to exceed expectations. the jackpot for the twice- weekly game started at 40- million on november 4th. no one has matched all six powerball numbers since then, so the prize kept growing. if there is a winner tonight... and they choose the lump sum option... they'll walk away with 930-million. at that point... you'd be considered in a new tax bracket... so after taxes you're looking at over 561- million dollars. michael... we all want to know... what are the odd of winning? kirsten... the odds of matching all six numbers to win the jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million.
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wednesday, the estimated jackpot for saturday's drawing will increase to $2 billion. ((kirsten joyce)) > the powerball is helping small businesses across the country. the owner of elite liquor in fresno says january is usually a really slow month... but the rising jackpot has been giving his business quite a boost. ((it's good yes. i get six cents to a dollar for every ticket i sell butt to one customer bought 600 worth 3 times. 600 dollar times. )) ((kirsten joyce)) and it's not just tickets that are selling. the owner says while people are waiting in line, they're picking up snacks and sodas.. fueling his sales even more./// ((kirsten joyce)) > offices around the country... are hoping to get in on the powerball win. so much so.. they are doing office pools. but before you put your money in the pot.. make sure you've got yourself covered. lawyers say plenty of lawsuits
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make sure you have a designated tcket buyer. that person will keep track of everyone who has paid into the pool. the buyershould also send copies of the tickets to everyone who chipped in. so they can see the numbers./// ((kirsten joyce)) > president obama will hit the road today to talk up the issues he highlighted in last night's state of the union address. but as craig boswell reports from washington - one issue stood out for people on both sides of the aisle - unifying the country. craig boswell president obama delivered his final state of the union address - and said he's partly to blame for the political divide that has shut down washington. ( president obama) "it's one of the few regrets of my presidency, that the rancour and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better." craig boswell south carolina governor nikki haley - who was praised for her republican response - echoed that point when she said her party needs to resist the "siren call of the angriest voices." ( gov. nikki haley/(r) south carolina/courtesy: cbs "this morning") "all i'm saying is we've got a responsibility and the way we handle the issues,
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should be towards solution, not towards division." ( craig boswell/cbs news/washington, d.c.) president obama has one year and one week left in office - and the presidential candidates who are jockeying to replace him had plenty to say about his state of the union address. (nats) "i know some of you are antsy to get back to iowa." craig boswell hillary clinton tweeted her praise for obama's speech and the administration's work - she continued that praise on cbs "this morning." ( hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate/courtes y: cbs "this morning") "the president made a compelling case about the progress that we've made but the work that still lies ahead." craig boswell but texas senator ted cruz - who skipped the speech in order to campaign - said he can't wait to give his own state of the union address. ( sen. ted cruz/(r- tx) presidential candidate) "one year from now state of the union very different from this state of the union." craig boswell cruz is in the fight to win the nomination - a new poll in iowa shows him with a three point lead over donald trump - with less than three weeks to go. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. ((kirsten joyce)) president obama will tout his vision for the future of america with a
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rouge thursday./// ((kirsten joyce)) > nevada attorney general adam laxalt says he's endorsing ted cruz for president. the first term republican announced his choice this morning on a conserviative radio show. laxalt calls cruz a consistent and courageous conservative willing to fight for washington./// ((kirsten joyce)) > two metro officers... in trouble with the law. the details about an arrest... that left one officer charged with excessive force... and out of a job... and what we are learning about an officer arrested yesterday in a domestic dispute. ((sherry swensk)) high clouds galore today... and they will be around for most of the afternoon before clearing late today. temps have stayed somewhat cool because of the overcast skies. ............... we're not looking for rain... but not a lot of sun either. a warm- up is coming for the weekend... we'll take a look in your full forecast.///
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> now nevada's first choipolice officer is now facing felony charges. officer james burt is accused of domestic battery by strangulation and kidnapping. metro police aren't releasing any information about the alleged victim. the 41-year-old officer has been relieved of his duties without pay.. pending the outcome of the
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burt has been with the department since 2005. we've asked metro for more information on this case. as soon as we get more details, we'll update you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > we've also learned a former metro officer.. was just indicted by the justice department. richard scavone is accused of violating a woman's rights... and using excessive force. the police report of the arrest is hard to read, the woman told the officer she was waiting for someone, when scavone put her in handcuffs after she threw her coffee on the ground in irritation. body camera footage shows once scavone put the woman in handcuffs... he threw her to the ground, dragged her 10 feet... and slammed her head into hood of his car several times. he also violated her privacy by reaching inside her shirt and grabbing a phone and another item. this incident happened a year ago, near tropicana and industrial- scavone has been fired from metro... but our requests for the body camera footage have been denied./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the pentagon says 10 us navy sailors held in iran are safely back in american care today.
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jonathan vigliotti iran's revolutionary guard released these photos of the ten us sailors relaxing -- some even smiling -- while being detained overnight. they arrived this morning, uninjured, (us navy handout video file) to a us military base in the gulf where they'll be debriefed and give their version of events. jonathan vigliotti the nine men and one woman were on these two small naval patrol boats when us officials say a mechanical breakdown caused the boats to drift into iranian waters. the sailors were traveling from kuwait to bahrain at the time and were captured and held at an iranian base on the island of farsi. nats up...farsi (general ali fadavi/navy chief, iran's revolutionary guard) (aptn) this iranian general said, "we've concluded that passage of americans in our waters was not hostile or for espionage." us navy officials say they're now investigating what exactly went wrong. jonathan vigliotti. cbs news. ((kirsten joyce)) secretary of state john kerry expressed his gratitude to iran for their quote "co- operation in swiftly
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((kirsten joyce)) > bringing more technology into our local classrooms. the competition schools need to apply for now... that will bring in new computers for their classrooms before the end of this school year. and las vegas is chilly. sherry will explain the up and down climb we will see in temperatures... when we come back./// <
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news, of nevada middle schoolers will soon be able to use new laptops in class. the state made a deal with a computer manufacturer this week. schools can apply for competitive grants.. that will be awarded in march. if they win, the schools will get chromebooks with google's operating system. the idea is to teach students skills they need to succeed in
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the skies today... and holding back temperatures a little as we roll into the noon hour. we're looking north across the summerlin parkway near the rainbow curve and up through the northwest part of the valley. ......... winds are light in the valley, but bumpy in the mountains... and there is a little extra dust sitting on the valley floor with those light winds around today. ............ right now we are close to 50
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just mid 40s in some. humidity is generally between 30 and 40 percent. ............ the morning started out very cold... with quite a few neighborhoods flirting with freezing... even some upper 20s. that's about 10 degrees below normal so too cold for mid january. ............. primm dropped to mid 20s this morning and super cold for sitting outside and waiting to buy powerball tickets. right now the temp has warmed up to upper 40s. upper 40s for pahrump and boulder city. still in the 20s in rachel. .......... the skies have been mostly overcast and that keeps it feeling even cooler. and temps again are definitely
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upper 50s near 60 degrees is where we should be as we head into mid- january. and we might finally make it by the weekend. .............. we haven't had a high of 60 degrees or warmer since before christmas. christmas eve is when this pattern of colder weather started for us. .............. the record low is 8 degrees for this date so i guess we can't complain too much. ............... we should see some thinning areas of the clouds later today and tonight... but that will just lead to a very cold night again. gusty winds in the mountains will keep bumping around through the afternoon to maybe 30 mph or higher. ........ and we're waiting for that warm-up this weekend to help take the chill out of the extra ................ high clouds starting invading the state through the night... sunrise. the rain and snow is pretty much staying north in california and northern nevada while gusty winds are hitting the southern sierra. ..... gusts to 50 mph in the el paso
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with some showers sliding over to bakersfield. another system follows this one and that will add clouds to our skies again by tomorrow. ......... eventually a slight chance of showers for the mountains by saturday... but also some warmer air works its way into southern nevada by the weekend. ......... meanwhile crazy cold air invading the midwest and great lakes... bringing lots of lake effect snow. and a nor-easter is taking shape off the east coast by the end of the week. ....... look for temps near 60 for our holiday weekend so we will feel very lucky./// ((sherry swensk)) > mark your calendar.. the 8 news now living green super recycling event coming up saturday, january 23rd at the thomas and mack. you can recycle all sorts of electronics.... get rid of your unused and expired medicine, and bring paperwork that needs shredded. goodwill will also be collecting household items. for the complete list of what we'll be accepting -- head over to las vegas now dot com./// < ((weather toss))> ((kirsten joyce)) > an n-f-l that has people fired up... the team making it's way to the west coast... and which fans are not happy with the change./// <
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news, this is the saint louis rams.. are moving back to southern california. the deal.. also gives the san diego chargers a chance to join the rams. both teams would play in a multibillion dollar state of the art stadium in inglewood.. about 10 miles from downtown l-a. are excited about. but it saint louis.. fans are ticked. (( (virginia navarette, los angeles resident): "finally. i am just happy that los angeles is finally getting an nfl team (zach remelious, rams fan): "it hurts! i've been a rams fan my entire life, any time anyone would ask me 'hay, what nfl team you like' i would say of course the rams. they've been part of my life for 20 years, i love football, the rams will start playing in l-a next season./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the countdown is on to super bowl 50! you can watch the big game right here on channel 8 february 7th. and stick around because 8 new now is giving away 25- hundred dollars during our special newscast after the game! to enter.. just head to las vegas now dot
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while you're there check out our newly launched super bowl page. we'll be right back.///
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some volunteer work? a farm iswork? a farm is virginia is looking for some workers.. to do the most cuddly job in the world. they need... goat snugglers. it's no joke. the farm expects 90 newborn goats in mid-february.. so it needs people to snuggle and feed all the babies. newborn goats have to be bottle-fed four times a day and they must be kept warm. the farm says no experience is necessary./// > that's all for 8 news now live at noon..
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you
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the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. >> katie: so you've read all the prelim material? >> brooke: everything you sent me. >> katie: the editing format, style sheet? >> bill: all of it? >> brooke: yes. i'm up to date on your company, bill. >> katie: our company. you're one of us now. and i'm very excited about that.
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